Original Paleoart Review of ‘Inglorious Empire’ Oviraptorosaur Discovery in Mongolia! Pterosaur Discovery In China!

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01st Sep 2020

Book Review: Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

For Money, there is a 90-10 rule. 90% of the population only has 10% of the money, while 10% of the population has 90% of the money. This is because most people don’t fall into eligibility (1m dollar net worth/$200,000 annual income) to make the investments that make rich people rich. The book is about how to get into that top 10%. The rich approach financial gain through procuring businesses and investing. They never stick...

27th Aug 2020

Mystery of the Monuments found in Saudi Arabia

Archaeologists have discovered new instances of ancient stone structures, called “mustatils” (meaning “rectangles” in Arabic), in Al Nafud Al Kabir, a large desert in Northern Saudi Arabia. These findings shed some much needed light on the function of these structures. Mustatils are characteristically rectangular, featuring a very clearly defined perimeter of rocks, which were a common and freely available building material for ancient Arabian peoples. These new discoveries cement the age of these structures as...

18th Aug 2020

Prehistoric Penguin Discovered in New Zealand

A new species of penguin from the Eudyptes genus has been discovered in New Zealand! Hailing from approximately 3 million years ago (the Pliocene), an exceptionally well preserved specimen of penguin fossils has been identified as belonging to Eudyptes. The newly named species, Eudyptes atatu, is evidence that the Eudyptes genus, characteristic for their feathery “crests”, evolved quite recently. The fossil remains were uncovered at the Tangahoe Formation of New Zealand’s North Island. This find implies...

16th Aug 2020

Carnivorous Theropod Dinosaur Discovered in United Kingdom

A new genus and species of dinosaur has been identified in the United Kingdom! In 2019, fossil remains of a carnivorous theropod’s neck, back, and tail were found on the Isle of Wight near Knock Cliff. It is now that these fossils have been identified as a rare and special occurrence, as they are the first discoveries of a 115 million year old Cretaceous carnivore named Vectaerovenator inopinatus. Researchers made note of the hollow nature...