Here’s an illustration I did of a rather dramatic scene taking place in the Late Cretaceous of Pakistan: A hungry azhdarchid pterosaur lands in a dense fern praire to rest it’s wings after hours of searching for something to scavenge, but is unable to take off fast enough to evade the ambush of an even hungrier Vitakridrinda suleimani. One of my favorite things about paleoart is that given the sheer amount of time dinosaurs ruled the Earth, even the craziest of encounters (such as this one) probably did take place. I based my Vitakridrinda’s appearance off of other abelisaurids like Carnotaurus sastrei and Aucasaurus garridoi. The pterosaur here originates completely from my speculation, but it is well within the realm of reason (taking into account the geographical location and time period) to imagine azhdarchids coexisting with Vitakridrinda.  2/23/2021
This is a sketch I did of some of my favourite Jurassic animals, Camarasaurus lentus and Stegosaurus stenops. I wanted to keep these simple and practice perspective/musculature. I’m particularly happy with the muscle definition on the Camarasaurus. These designs are heavily based on Gregory S. Paul’s paleoart. 2/22/2021
My own reconstruction of Ubirajara jubatus, remaining fairly speculative yet safely within the realm of possibility. 12/23/2020
My own reconstruction of the newly discovered dsungaripterid Ordosipterus planignathus, remaining plausibly speculative and modeled off of Dsungaripterus. 11/18/2020.
My own reconstruction of Oksoko avarsan, done using a skeletal image as reference. 10/13/2020.
This is my reconstruction of Ogresuchus furatus. I based this reconstruction on similar long-legged crocodyliforms. 10/5/2020.
A series of proboscidae skull skeletals I drew. Top to bottom they are: Paleomastodon, Mammuthus (Wooly Mammoth), Moeritherium, Mammut (American Mastodon), Deinotherium, Numidotherium. 6/22/2020.

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