Original Paleoart Review of ‘Inglorious Empire’ Oviraptorosaur Discovery in Mongolia! Pterosaur Discovery In China!

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10th Feb 2021

Book Review: Inglorious Empire

For the entirety of the 19th century, and leading up to the mid 20th century, the British Empire had the world in its iron colonial grip, pillaging, murdering, and subjugating in order to amass scores of wealth and comfort for the Englishman. The most egregious of these inflictions however, across the entirety of the Empire, was probably dealt to South Asia. Shashi Tharoor, an Indian parliament member, gives a fantastic explanation as to why he...

22nd Dec 2020

Flamboyant Compsognathid Discovered in Brazil

Recently, scientists in Brazil made one of 2020’s most exciting paleontological discoveries! A fantastically preserved specimen of filamentous structures and a partial skeleton has made shockwaves worldwide as one of the world’s most unique dinosaurs ever to exist is discovered. This dinosaur is called “Ubirajara jubatus”, and it was a compsognathid that lived during the Early Cretaceous. Ubirajara was found in Brazil’s Crato Formation, and its name directly translates from the Tupi language, as “Lord...

19th Nov 2020

Dsungaripterid Pterosaur Discovered In China

A new genus and species of pterosaur has been unearthed by paleontologists in China, and has been identified from partially preserved jawbones to be from the uniquely flamboyant pterosaur group, the dsungaripteridae. This pterosaur bears the name “Ordosipterus planignathus“, and hails from around 115 million years ago, in the thick of what would have been the Early Cretaceous epoch. Fossils of Ordosipterus were discovered near Xinzhao Village in Inner Mongolia, China, at a previously known fossil...

18th Nov 2020

How 17th Century Edo Japan Kept Its Peace

Recently, archaeological researchers at Japan’s Kumamoto University made a startling discovery: A beautifully preserved 17th century document, detailing the rules and regulations that preserved the prosperity of the realm. This document is a rare glimpse into the dynamics of Feudal Japan. This document is a letter written by a man named Tadaoki Hosokawa, lord of the Hosokawa clan. He adressed this to four vassals of the Hosokawa, detailing what rules are to be enforced. These...