20th Jul 2020

Sauropodomorph Dinosaur Discovered in China

A new genus and species of dinosaur has been identified in China! In 2018, Paleontologists in China found a fragmented skeleton of a small, early sauropodomorph. The skeleton was found near the Zhanmatian Village of Yunnan Province’s Fengjiahe Formation, southeast of Tibet. This region is known to be a hotspot for early sauropod fossils. Upon analysis, these remains were discovered to be a completely unknown genus. One which paleontologists have dubbed: Irisosaurus yiminensis, meaning “Iridescent...

08th Jul 2020

Insectivorous Archosaur Discovered in Madagascar

A new genus and species of archosaur has been unearthed in Madagascar! 22 years ago, a fragmentary skeleton of a tiny ornithodiran was discovered by paleontologists in Madagascar’s Makay Formation, located in the Morondava Basin of Southwest Madagascar. The discovery was initially made in 1998, yet it was analyzed in 2019, and finally formally named and described in 2020. This archosaur, named Konganophon kely, was an insectivore growing only to about 4 inches in height,...

02nd Jun 2020

Tapejarid Pterosaur Discovered in United Kingdom

A new genus and species of pterosaur has been discovered in the United Kingdom! On the Isle of Wight, a discovery of particular magnitude has been made, as England’s first tapejarid pterosaur is unveiled. The animal, named Wightia declivirostris, was identified as a tapejarid thanks to the structure of its upper jaw bone, the premaxilla. The discovery of Wightia is one of the oldest recorded occurrences of tapejarids outside of China. Tapejarids are characteristically known for their strange,...